ACNH Planner (Goodnotes 5 Template/Printables)

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ACNH Planner (Goodnotes 5 Template/Printables)

8 ratings

Your bags are packed, your ticket purchased and you can't contain your excitement. You're counting down the moments until you are greeted by the one, the only, Tom Nook (and Timmy and Tommy) at your new deserted island getaway.

But you need to capture every moment! Whether you're a long-time AC planner or a first-timer, these templates will guide you in documenting your journey, every step of the way.

Simply add these templates to your Goodnotes account (or edit using any program you love) and begin your journey! You can also print these out and glue them into a physical journal, if you prefer!

Templates are custom designed using a basic dot grid and the ACNH color scheme.These were created based off of my experience in past games as well as some help from other long-time players. This pack includes over 10+ custom templates!

Templates Included:

+ Title Page w/ Island info
+ Island Mood Board
+ Island Planner
+ Firsts Tracker
+ Weekly Planner + To Do Lists
+ Mood Tracker
+ Villager Tracker
+ Fish Tracker
+ and more!

Questions? Get in touch with me: adoeadeer.tv@gmail.com

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You'll get: Individual PNGs of each template page, a combined PDF binder of all template pages, and instructions on how to add to Goodnotes 5 as a template. Product Dimensions: 1668 x 2154px

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